Inspiration and film

Hi! What do we do? We manufacture such creative short films and advertisements, tell you such inspiring stories with our cameras, which leave traces and provoke thoughts. They live further on. In our spectators and us as well.
What can we help you with? If you have a story, an idea or a product, and you would like to vivify it in a film, we will gladly help you with our professional team. If you would like to find a team with versatile skills, who are very familiar with the internet advertisements and applications as well, who have an own innovative technology for the implementation, contact us. Some clicks and you will get a clear price quotation.

But why is it just Friday12?

Because it is the most inspiring date of the week. Behind us there is the well-done work, before us there are new challenges.

Why we?

With our filming, script writing and wide range of technical experience we would like to help that the advertisement, PR film or animation found out by you should be just as good or even better than you have imagined it. It is also important for us that your film should be exclusive, your story should be unforgettable. Therefore, our professional team awarded with several prizes help with the most modern and most innovative technical background, at an affordable prize.

Where can it be useful?

An advertising campaign, a unique event, a special film, an extraordinary clip, an unforgettable flash mob, an exclusive advertisement – let your fantasy free!

What are we useful for?

Reference videos

Quamatel mini commercial for Richter Gedeon

Water: Our Past and Our Future!

Felvidék - Székelyföld football match

Bertie Bean’s Rock

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Our prices

  Béla Lugosi István Szőts Alexander Korda Michael Curtiz
Script ok ok ok
Camera 1 2 2 3
Day of Shooting 1 1 2 2
Post-production ok ok ok
Music ok ok ok
Film length 0,5 - 3 min.* 0,5 - 5 min.* 0,5 - 10 min.*
Correction 1 2 2
Price 210 € 550 € 750 € 900 €

* Each additional minute 10 €.

The prices do not include VAT.

For additional discounts opportunities or for an individual offer ask our colleagues!

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